Special Seminars
Special Seminars - Other talks that aren't Astronomy Colloquia or KICP Colloquia. Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please call the departmental secretary in advance at 773-702-8203 or email deptsecoddjob.uchicago.edu.

Past Special Seminars
DateTalk TitleSpeaker
January 21, 2016Probing Gravity: Galaxies, CMB Lensing, and Intensity MappingAnthony Pullen, Carnegie Mellon University

Probing Gravity: Galaxies, CMB Lensing, and Intensity Mapping
January 21, 2016 | ERC 161 | 1:00 PM
Anthony Pullen, Carnegie Mellon University

We discuss recent work exploring the use of large-scale structure to probe gravity. We first consider using CMB lensing and galaxy surveys to probe E_G, the ratio between curvature and velocity perturbations. This quantity is independent of galaxy clustering bias and is distinct for various gravity models, breaking the degeneracy in current cosmological probes of gravity and dark energy. We present our constraints to E_G using CMB data from Planck and galaxy data from the SDSS BOSS survey, which are in tension with general relativity (GR). We also forecast gravity constraints for upcoming galaxy and CMB surveys. Finally, we consider intensity mapping (IM) as a gravity probe. Specifically, we discuss our recent work probing intensities of star formation lines, i.e. CO, Ly-a, at high redshifts, and how IM lines can be used to measure E_G.

Image credit: ESA