Chair's Welcome
John E. Carlstrom, Chair of the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Welcome to our exciting, stimulating, friendly, and diverse Department!

We work on a wide range of topics at the frontiers of astrophysics: from understanding the beginning of the Universe to searching for habitable extrasolar planets; from the formation and evolution of the earliest galaxies to the most energetic events in the modern Universe; from our own solar system to the largest structures of the Universe. We build the most sensitive detectors that can study cosmic information spanning 25 orders of magnitude in energy (from radio to ultrahigh energy particles), we use the most powerful telescopes on the ground and in space, and we think about the cosmic consequences of physical phenomena from highly magnetized plasmas to theories of nature's fundamental interactions.

We lead international projects with scientific activities from the South Pole, Argentina, and Chile, to space and airplane based observatories that constantly circle the Earth or the Sun. We go anywhere we can learn more about the Universe.

We convey the excitement of our cosmic discoveries to the best graduate and undergraduate students in the world, as well as to Chicago public schools and the public at large through the Adler Planetarium and other outreach venues. We spread the wonders of the Universe around the city and around the world, and open the door to the cosmos for the next generation of astronomers, astrophysicists, and curious beings.

We are Chicago Astronomy and Astrophysics.

John E. Carlstrom, Chair