Since it is hard (even for us) to keep up with all of the preprints we produce, we have decided to use ADS to provide an interface to published journals and to astro-ph. See the listing below for a single-click interface to both ADS and astro-ph.
Note that the first astro-ph search is via ADS and searches only the most recent entries, since presumably the older astro-ph entries are now in print. The second astro-ph search accesses astro-ph (at arXiv) directly.

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Zubair AbdullaGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Louis AbramsonGraduate StudentADSarXiv

Jacob L. BeanAssistant ProfessorADSarXiv
Megan BedellGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Bradford A. BensonAssistant ProfessorADSarXiv
Vinicius Miranda BragancaGraduate StudentADSarXiv

Benedikt DiemerGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Scott DodelsonProfessorADSarXiv
Vikram DwarkadasSenior Research AssociateADSarXiv

Daniel FabryckyAssistant ProfessorADSarXiv
Ke FangGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Michael FlorianGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Wendy FreedmanUniversity ProfessorADSarXiv
Joshua A. FriemanProfessorADSarXiv
Priscilla FrischSenior ScientistADSarXiv

Aaron GellerResearch AssociateADSarXiv
Michael D. GladdersAssociate ProfessorADSarXiv
Nickolay Y. GnedinProfessorADSarXiv
Carlo GrazianiSenior Research AssociateADSarXiv
Daniel GrinResearch AssociateADSarXiv

Sean JohnsonGraduate StudentADSarXiv

Donald Q. LambProfessorADSarXiv
Randall H. LandsbergDirector of Public OutreachADSarXiv
Cameron Jia LiangGraduate StudentADSarXiv
Robert LoewensteinSenior Research AssociateADSarXiv

Aleksandr ObabkoResearch AssociateADSarXiv
Takeshi OkaProfessor EmeritusADSarXiv
Angela V. OlintoProfessorADSarXiv


Dan WeltySenior ScientistADSarXiv
Bernice WilliamsAssistant to Michael TurnerADSarXiv
Grace Wolf-ChaseAssociateADSarXiv