Teaching Assignments
Autumn, 2017
PHSC 12600Matter, Energy, Space, and Time (Lab)Stephan S. Meyer
PHSC 12700Stars (Lab)Daniel Fabrycky
ASTR 18000The Search for Extraterrestrial LifeJacob L. Bean
ASTR 18100The Milky WayNickolay Y. Gnedin
ASTR 23900Physics of GalaxiesHsiao-Wen Chen
ASTR 25400Radiation ProcessesDamiano Caprioli
ASTR 30100StarsFausto Cattaneo
ASTR 31000Cosmology IErik Shirokoff
ASTR 33000Computational Physics and AstrophysicsAndrey V. Kravtsov
ASTR 49900Graduate Research SeminarMichael D. Gladders

Winter, 2018
PHSC 12610Black Holes (Lab)Craig J. Hogan
PHSC 12710Galaxies (Lab)Michael D. Gladders
ASTR 18200The Origin and Evolution of the UniverseJoshua A. Frieman
ASTR 24100The Physics of Stars and Stellar SystemsRobert Rosner
ASTR 28200Current Topics in AstrophysicsErik Shirokoff
ASTR 30300Interstellar MatterHsiao-Wen Chen
ASTR 31100High Energy AstrophysicsDamiano Caprioli
ASTR 40800The Perturbed UniverseWayne Hu
ASTR 49900Graduate Research SeminarPaolo Privitera

Spring, 2018
PHSC 12620The Big Bang (Lab)Michael S. Turner
PHSC 12700-99Stars (Paris)Richard G. Kron
PHSC 12710-99Galaxies (Paris)Angela V. Olinto
PHSC 12720Exoplanets (Lab)Leslie Rogers
PHSC 12720-99Exoplanets (Paris)Jacob L. Bean
ASTR 18400Origins: From the Big Bang to Human ConsciousnessWendy L. Freedman
ASTR 18800Philosophical Problems in CosmologyDan Hooper
ASTR 21200Observational Techniques in AstrophysicsDoyal ''Al'' Harper
ASTR 24300Cosmological PhysicsWayne Hu
ASTR 25800Extrasolar PlanetsDaniel Fabrycky
ASTR 30400GalaxiesAndrey V. Kravtsov
ASTR 30600Radiation Measurements in AstrophysicsJohn E. Carlstrom
ASTR 40900Topics in Observational CosmologyClarence L. Chang
ASTR 49900Graduate Research SeminarBradford A. Benson