KICP Colloquia
KICP Wednesday Colloquia - Usually Wednesdays, 3:30 PM, ERC 161, unless otherwise specified. Reception starts at 4:30 PM in ERC 161. For more information visit the KICP website.

Past KICP Colloquia
DateTalk TitleSpeaker
January 18, 2017The Milky Way's Dark CompanionsAlex Drlica-Wagner, Fermilab

The Milky Way's Dark Companions
January 18, 2017 | ERC 161 | 3:30 PM
Alex Drlica-Wagner, Fermilab

Our Milky Way galaxy is surrounded by a host of small, dark-matter-dominated satellite galaxies. Over the past two years, the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) has nearly doubled the number of known Milky Way satellite galaxies compared to the previous 80 years combined. While these discoveries continue to help resolve the "missing satellites problem", they have also raised new questions about the influence of the Magellanic Clouds on the Milky Way's satellite population. In the near future, the rapidly growing population of dwarf galaxies will be sensitive to deviations from ΛCDM at small scales, while definitively testing whether the annihilation of dark matter particles could be responsible for excess gamma-ray emission from the Galactic center. I will summarize recent results, outstanding questions, and upcoming advancements in the study of the Milky Way's dark companions.