KICP Colloquia
KICP Wednesday Colloquia - Usually Wednesdays, 3 PM, BSLC 001, unless otherwise specified. Reception starts at 4 PM in LASR conference room. For more information visit the KICP website.

Current & Future KICP Colloquia
DateTalk TitleSpeaker
February 4, 2015Baryogenesis and New PhysicsCarlos Wagner, University of Chicago/Argonne
April 22, 2015Building a Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave ObservatoryMaura McLaughlin, West Virginia University

Baryogenesis and New Physics
February 4, 2015 | BSLC 001 | 3:00 PM
Carlos Wagner, University of Chicago/Argonne

Although physical reality seems to be well described by the Standard Models of Particle Physics and Cosmology, there are many open questions that do not have a direct answer within this framework. An important one is why is there Matter and not Antimatter in the Universe. The conditions for a dynamical generation of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter (baryogenesis) are well known, but cannot be fulfilled within the Standard Models framework. I will explain what are the basic conditions that must be fulfilled for baryogenesis to occur, some general classes of models in which baryogenesis is realized and the possible tests of these models in the near future.

Building a Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory
April 22, 2015 | BSLC 001 | 3:00 PM
Maura McLaughlin, West Virginia University