Faculty Research Seminars: 2019
Spooky quantum correlations in large scale structure
January 28, 2019 | ERC 583 | 12:00 PM | Faculty Research Seminar
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Craig J. Hogan

Famous "information paradoxes" in black hole theory can be resolved if quantum information on horizons is delocalized or "spooky", like states of entangled particles. Similar spooky quantum degrees of freedom on the inflationary horizon are estimated to produce curvature perturbations with a dimensionless power spectral density larger than those from standard field fluctuations, but consistent with current measurements. Spooky perturbations with primordial directional antisymmetry have unique signatures that can be (but have not yet been) rigorously tested in CMB anisotropy and large scale galaxy surveys.

Tension in the Hubble Constant
February 18, 2019 | ERC 583 | 12:30 PM | Faculty Research Seminar