Outreach Programs
Space Explorers Program (K-12)
Founded in 1991 the Space Explorers Program connects local, under-represented minority students with the university research community. By immersing these middle and high school students in the process of doing science, we hope to increase their interests and abilities in science and math and help them to succeed in high school and beyond. Graduates of the Space Explorers matriculate in college as science majors at a rate that is five times better than is predicted by combined national and Chicago Public Schools statistics. The Space Explorers Program offers a multi-year, multidimensional commitment from the members of the Institute. Students participate in weekly hands-on, in-depth laboratory sessions, residential science institutes at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, visits to research labs, and enrichment field trips.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Sky Server
SDSS Sky Server offers opportunities to explore real data and images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Sky Server Tools allow one to tour famous places in the Universe, search for and images and objects, and to visualize and explore detailed astronomical data. SkyServer Projects, allow students of all ages and abilities to learn science by studying the 180 million stars and galaxies SDSS.

Cosmology Short Courses
The KICP regularly offers cosmology short courses for educators with the goal of integrating modern research into both formal and informal educational settings. These courses bring the latest discoveries, developments, data, and tools of research to diverse audiences e.g., planetarium staff and 4-year college faculty.

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum Partnership
Adler is one of the premier planetaria in the world and was the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Today it is home to an incredible museum and one of the worlds most advanced digital planetaria. The department has a strong partnership with the Adler. We collaborate on a number of levels including public programming, researchers with joint appointments, serving as members of their advisory board, and co-hosting workshops, conferences and events.
Adler events and activities that often have a UC involvement include:
Adult Education Courses Members of the department engage the "students" with courses developed around their latest research activities.
Astro Science Workshop (ASW)
ASW gives Chicago-area high school sophomores and juniors the opportunity to do astronomical research with telescopes and real data at Adler and Yerkes Observatory. It is typically organized by a department graduate student.
Far Out Fridays FOF Far Out Fridays are packed with activities for adults and kids, including: telescope viewings, attend lectures, and more!

Yerkes Observatory
Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI provides resources (e.g., telescopes) in a number of different ways to further science education beyond the formal curriculum offered on the U of Chicago campus. Programming includes Hands-On-Universe, Space Explorer Institutes, Saturday Tours and the Quester Museum.

Local museums
Local museums such as the Adler Planetarium are always looking for volunteers and usually have formal programs for incorporating volunteers into their routines or for special events. You, as a scientist, have information and, at the very least, thinking skills that make you a valuable resource. Call the museum of your choice and volunteer!

Visualization Efforts