Workshops & Events: 2007
Cosmic Cartography: Mapping the Universe from the Big Bang to the Present
December 3 - 6, 2007 | Chicago, IL | Event
This four-day conference is about the role of maps and mapping in the development of our understanding of the Universe. Maps are a vital step in the analysis and visualization of astrophysical data and are often the dividing line between data analysis of the properties of the instrument and the analysis connecting the data to theory. The conference explores the challenges of making and using maps for astronomy and cosmology on scales ranging from the Galaxy to the visible Universe. Each of the first three conference days is a summary of mapping at a different scale. The final day is an exploration of what will come next, including maps currently under development and plans for mapping in the more distant future.

The conference will take place in downtown Chicago at the Gleacher Center and is part of Chicago's "Festival of Maps".

Cosmic Cartography Journey Through the Universe
December 5, 2007 | Rubloff Auditorium Art Institute of Chicago | 7:00 PM | Event
Join University of Chicago Cosmologists Rocky Kolb and Michael Turner for a cosmic magical mystery tour from Chicago to the edge of the visible universe. Visit observatories around the globe (virtually) and meet people who are mapping the Dark Matter that holds galaxies together and discovering the nature of the Dark Energy, which pulls space apart.

Free admission.

See also "Cosmic Cartography Journey Through the Universe" at the Chicago Maps Festival website.