Alumni: Stuart L. Mufson, 1974
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1973

Professor, Indiana University, College of Arts & Science


Biographical Information:
Professor Mufson has been on the IU Astronomy faculty since 1977. He received a Ph.D from University of Chicago in 1973. He was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Marshall Space Flight Center. He typically teaches A100 (The Solar System), A115 (Birth and Death of the Universe), A221 (General Astronomy I), and A580 (Physical and Observational Cosmology).

Research Interests:
* Neutrino Physics with the MINOS experiment at Fermilab
* Responsible for production and delivery of the active detector medium (liquid scintillator) to northern Minnesota and the design/construction of the thermally controlled heat sinks for NOvA
* Manager for the development of the photon detection system for LBNE