Alumni: Richard R. Erickson, 1974
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1974

Associate Professor, Lycoming College


Research Interests: Galactic Structure; Celestial Mechanics; The Nearby Stars; Cosmology; Impacts and Extinctions; Climate History of Earth over Geologic Time-scale.

Professional Employment:
Vertebrate Paleontology Lab Assistant, St. Paul Science Museum (now renamed Science Museum of Minnesota), 1959 - 1966.
Lab Teaching Assistant, Astronomy Department, University of Minnesota, 1963 - 1966.
Instructor of Astronomy and Geology, Dominican College, Racine, Wisconsin, 1971.
Instructor of Astronomy, Physics Department, University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee, 1971 - 1973.
Instructor, then Assistant Professor, now Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Lycoming College, 1973 - present.