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Odds and Ends

Professor Henry Frisch

Fantastic (!) Storm Photos,

In need of a Graphic Artist?,

Or a photographer?

Wonders in the Andes

Or listen to haunting Shakuhachi music? The Artist ----> )

Expand your horizons

Frisch's theory of Cosmology, and other Poetry, and

Memorable Quotations (But don't quote me on this)

Nico Berry, Graphic artist who did this Local Bubble, visualization of interstellar matter within 300 pc of the Sun (see figure caption above).

California Information

"Genius Effect"

I was a co-founder of the Teachers Academy for Math and Science and the Chicago Education Federation, as well as active in the Chicago School Reform movement that culminated in the reform legislation passed by the Illinois Legislature in 1988. More on my activities surrounding the Chicago Public School reform movement.

What about things that act like Birds?

Picture Gallery:

Henry Frisch then (on right) and now (at ITEP in Moscow).
Pinnacles National Monument
Pam's Homepage
Prince Carrot and Einstein
Photos from the AAS meeting at Rochester, NY, June 2000.

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