'The Hand' at Pinnacles National Monument

Yep - that's me - a fair while ago, on the second pitch of

'The Hand', at Pinnacles National Monument

I led the first pitch. Paul Gerhard led the second pitch, and was belaying me when the photo was taken.

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(photograph ©1965, J. Storer. All Rights Reserved)

A more recent view of the Hand, near the top of the climb (second pitch).

More on Pinnacles National Monument: [Friends of Pinnacles, FOP] [Climbing at Pinnacles].

Note on the route: I looked over the route information at FOP, and didn't see 'The Hand' listed. I wonder if it has been renamed the 'North Finger', and the adjacent 'Thumb' renamed the 'South Finger'? The 'Hand' and the 'Thumb' were two climbing rocks next to each other, and connected by a Tyrolean traverse (which our party did in lieu of rapelling down the Hand). The above photo was taken from the top of the 'Thumb'.