Visualization of Scientific Data (and software)

* Short educational movie clips (.mov files):

(1) Heliosphere journeying through the Milky Way Galaxy: (,
(2) Zoom to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, traveling through six orders of magnitude in spatial resolution and eight orders of magnitude in wavelength: (
The Soljourn astronomical visualization project is in collaboration with Prof. Andrew Hanson of Indiana University.
Alternative downloads: SOLJOURN website or Hanson homepage

* Software for visualizing scientific data:

The Soljourn software, including a program for spatial coalignment of astronomical data over different coordinate precisions and spatial scales, can be downloaded from: Solar_Journey (053006). Here is a Soljourn Documentation software summary and download information. The sofware packages include:
** 1. Earthday: Earth-centered visualization tool for real-time satellite data and planetary trajectories.
** 2. Starview: Utility for visualizing very large-scale astronomical data from solar system to local galaxy groups
** 3. SkyAlign: Accurate interactive alignment of images, photographs and 3D gas cloud models against sky coordinates
** 4. [To be released, not in current release] DistEdTool: Tool for the construction and verification of models representing spectrally absorbing and emitting gas cloud between the Earth and nearby stars.

Heliosphere animation, Quicktime movie, available here part of presentation. Images from the heliosphere animation, showing orientation of heliosphere tail towards the constellation of Orion.

* "Solar Journey -- A Galactic Tour of the Milky Way and Beyond" (DVD showing visualization of scientific data available at Finley-Holiday) See Soljourn Project web site.

This is an educational computer animated film on the astronomy of the local neighborhood of the Earth and the Sun developed as part of our NASA-sponsored research work. The DVD version containing the Solar Journey animation and supplementary science materials is distributed by Finley-Holiday Films at the web site linked above.
More on software supported by NASA's previous AISRP program: AISRP (obsolete link); AISRP Code and Algorithm Library; AISRP downloads (obsolete link).

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