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skyAlign      Reference Sheet


skyAlign is a tool that provides accurate interactive alignment of images, photographs and 3D gas cloud models against sky coordinates.




Binaries and documents



Step one :  skyAlign aligns models in Wavefront obj format. To prepare such model for a specific image:

1.       Convert image to ppm format.

On Linux : >convert  image.jpg  image.ppm

On Windows : use PhotoShop with ppm plugin

2.       Then generate obj/mtl model from the converted image using one of the two provided perl scripts in skyAlign “data” folder.

>   imageModel  image.ppm  0.002  0.001

//syntax: <obj name>  <texture file> <fov of image along L > <fov of image along B>


>  imageModel image.ppm  2.5 -1 -2.5 -1 2.5 -1 -2.5 1

//syntax: <obj name>  <texture file> <4 pairs of L, B at lower-left, lower-right, upper-left, upper-right corners>


Step two : After the model is ready, you can pass it to skyAlign either from command line:

·        On Linux        >skyAlign.linux   imageModel.obj

On Windows >skyAlign.exe   imageModel.obj 

Or import the model obj file through “File Control” dialog on skyAlign interface (see “Controls” section for detail)


Step three: Align the model in skyAlign. Refer to “Controls” section for detail.


Step four :  Export aligned model through “Alignment Control” dialog. The exported model is now properly aligned  against sky coordinate chosen for visualization.



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