Students and Student Collaborators of Peter O. Vandervoort


Students for the Ph.D.


1.         Robert M. Hjellming (1965)


              “Physical Processes in H II Regions,” Astrophysical Journal, 143, 420 (1966).


2.         Allan F. Saaf (1967)


              “A Formal Third Integral of Motion in a Nearly Spherical Stellar System,” Astrophysical Journal, 154, 483 (1968).


3.         Charles L. Berry (1971)


              “Nonaxisymmetric Kinematics in Galaxies with Axisymmetric Mass Distributions,” Astrophysical Journal, 179, 395 (1973).


4.         Stuart L. Mufson (1973)


              “The Structure and Stability of Shock Waves in a Multi-Phase Interstellar Medium,” Astrophysical Journal, 193, 561 (1974).


5.         Richard R. Erickson (1973)


              “The Third and and Fourth Moments of the Local Stellar Velocity Distribution,” Astrophysical Journal,  195, 343 (1975).


              Note: This dissertation was supervised principally by Richard H. Miller.  The work includes applications of developments in “New Applications of the Equations of Stellar Hydrodynamics,” Astrophysical Journal, 195, 333 (1975).


6.         Allen M. Waxman (1979)


              “Boundary Layer Circulation in Disk-Halo Galaxies,” Astrophysical Journal, 222, 61 (1978).


              “Boundary Layer Circulation in Disk-Halo Galaxies. II. A Characteristic-Value Problem for the Stability of the Flow,” Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 41, 635 (1979).


              “Boundary Layer Circulation in Disk-Halo Galaxies. III. The Dispersion Relation for Local Disturbances and Large Scale Spiral Waves,” Astrophysical Journal Supplement, 41, 647 (1979).


7.         Courtlandt L. Bohn (1983)


              “ On the Equilibrium Configurations of Prolate, Axisymmetric Stellar Systems,” Astrophysical Journal, 268, 646 (1983).


8.         Jeffrey L. Bishop (1986)


              “Models of Axisymmetric Galaxies,” Astrophysical Journal, 305, 14 (1986).


9.         John Everson (1986)


              “A Variational Principle for Determining the Oscillations and Stability of Stellar Systems,” Astrophysical Journal, 314, 47 (1987).


MLA Degree Student


1.         Jessica Mott Wickstrom (2010)


              “Ways of Knowing: Astrology, Kepler, and the Scientific Revolution.”


AB with Honors Student


1.         Steven D. LaRue (2010)


              “An Investigation of Chaotic Motion in Stellar Orbits.”


Other Student Collaborators


              Ellen Gould Zweibel (1972; Paper No. 27)


              David G. Monet (1975-1978; Papers No. 32 and No. 35)


              Jocelyn Keene (1978; Paper No. 34)


              Daniel E. Welty (1981-1989; Papers No. 40, No. 43, No. 44, and No. 48)


              Eric A. Sather (1993; Paper No. 53)





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