This is the website for Prof. Jacob Bean's group in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. The main theme of the group's research is the observational study of planets outside the Solar System ("exoplanets"). We use ground- and space-based telescopes to detect and characterize these worlds. We are also engaged in building new instruments as part of our push towards eventually identifying other Earth-like planets.

See here for a recent talk summarizing some of the group's research.


10/02/2019: MAROON-X saw first light on the sky at Gemini North on September 23. See this article for more information. The picture on the right shows a colorized version of the first light stellar spectrum for the blue arm.

05/30/2019: From May 6th to 26th the MAROON-X spectrograph was successfully installed inside its thermal enclosure in the pier lab of Gemini North (see picture). All optical and mechanical components survived the transport to Mauna Kea in excellent condition. The spectrograph is now fully aligned, and the vacuum vessel is closed and pumped down. The two science grade detector systems are also operational. The thermal management system of the enclosure is online and stable. The pupil slicer and double scrambler is installed, aligned, and working properly. First on-sky observations are scheduled for September following a major shutdown of the telescope for coating of the primary mirror over the summer. Special thanks to the Gemini Observatory staff for their crucial help during the commissioning!

04/24/2019: MAROON-X has shipped to Hawaii. Commissioning on the Gemini North telescope will begin May 6. The picture to the right shows the vacuum tank for the spectrograph before being loaded into its crate.