This is the website for Prof. Jacob Bean's group in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. The main theme of the group's research is the observational study of planets outside the Solar System ("exoplanets"). We use ground- and space-based telescopes to detect and characterize these worlds. We are also building new instruments as part of our push towards identifying other Earth-like planets.


04/17/2021: Congratulations to group member Megan Mansfield for successfully defending her dissertation (titled "Revealing the Atmospheres of Highly Irradiated Exoplanets: From Ultra-Hot Jupiters to Venus Analogues")! Megan will be moving to the University of Arizona as a Sagan Fellow in the fall.

03/04/2021: Our first MAROON-X science result has been published. We measured a precise mass for the nearby rocky exoplanet Gl 486b. The image to the right (click for a larger version) shows the phase-folded radial velocities. The MAROON-X data ("MX") are binned over 30 minutes and have no de-trending.

See the paper in Science, the U. Chicago press release, and the NOIRLab press release.

02/02/2021: Congratulations to former group member Laura Kreidberg for being awarded the 2021 Annie Jump Cannon Award from the AAS!