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373 W. Geneva St, Williams Bay WI 53191 (Latitude 42 34.2, Longitude -88 33.4)
What: Family Night Program
When: See event list below
Where: Yerkes Observatory
Cost: The fee is $5/person or $15/family (per session)
Contact: Brittnay Struble
373 W. Geneva Street
Williams Bay, WI 53191
Phone: 262-245-5555

Yerkes Observatory is offering a Family Night Program for students, with a parent, in grades 3-8. The program will run after school at Yerkes Observatory from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - SOFIA with Sarah Scoles
Associate editor of Astronomy Magazine Sarah Scoles flew on SOFIA during the summer. SOFIA is also known as the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. It is a Boeing 747 airplane that houses an infrared camera and a reflecting telescope that is 2.5 meters in diameter (100 inches). We will learn about Sarah's experience and maybe see some pictures! There will also be some activities using an infrared camera.

Monday, April 14,2014 - Planet Searches and Imagining Aliens!
Astronomers are looking for worlds that could support life. We will imagine the aliens and their strange worlds. How do we search for these worlds? We look for stars that have a dip in the light curve as we keep watch over time. This dip happens when the light from the star is obstructed just a little bit as the planet crosses in front of it from or point of view. We will also introduce you to a planet search opportunity where you can gather your own data of stars that have planets so you can plot the light curves with your own data.

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