Valeri E. Galtsev
Senior Systems Administrator, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Education: M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;
Ph.D. in Technology

Phone: (773) 702-4247
Location: ERC 495 (binary: 111101111)

Affiliations: Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics

Computers: servers and services, number crunchers, workstations, laptops, printers, networking, pocket devices
Left: at the job

Right: outside of my job duties
top - running ''Kirov'' (scratch built model of the nuclear-powered missile cruiser); bottom - COVID-19 taekwondo practicing.

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I am Senior Systems Administrator for the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and for Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics. I support all IT aspects for KICP and Astronomy: servers and services, number crunchers, workstations, laptops, printers, networking, pocket devices. Departmental servers provide: mail with individually set spam filtering options, web, including personal web space, mail lists, wikis, project websites, conference websites, websites for variety of internal needs, such as telescope time allocations, job search and promotions, room booking system, etc. We maintain version control systems (CVS, SVN via https), Wikis, web content management and blogging (Drupal, Serendipity, WordPress). For granular access we maintain our LDAP server. To provide uninterrupted 27/7/365 services we have watch system that notifies me if something needs my immediate attention.

We use the following operating systems: FreeBSD UNIX which servers are running. Number crunchers are running CentOS Linux (which is 'binary replica' of RedHat Enterprise Linux), workstations are running CentOS Linux, MacOS, MS Windows. In general, whatever system user wants, I will install and maintain it. Usually, I manage workstations centrally, as servers. But if someone wants to manage machine oneself, I can install it, and will help managing it when one needs my help. UNIX and Linux machines that are managed centrally are being watched for system integrity, which definitely adds to the security of our machines.

In general, everything that has processor inside, if it doesn't work, I can try to fix it. I do not guarantee I will not break it, but I have good record.

Outside of my job duties my interests include: outdoors and watching the nature, one of my hobbies is ship modeling: this my scratch built model of Kirov cruiser fires missiles on command. I like sorts and exercises, taekwondo is my favorite (I have 1st Dan black belt and am one of instructors in students taekwondo club.