The RAS Expedition to Yerkes, 11/02/96

Yerkes Yerkes Yerkes--Some former member.

The thrill that is a trip to Yerkes is something I'll never forget. Yerkes is Grand, more so than other observatories I've been to, because evidence of its great past exist in every twisty passageway and nook in the building.

General photos of the trip will be scanned; however, I'd like to speed distribution of the CCD images a little sooner.

Moon shots

All of these images were taken with a ST-7 camera attached to a 10-inch Cassegrain at Yerkes Observatory. Clouds interefered with the whole session--all the images here were taken through them. This was actually good as the camera had a minimum exposure of 0.1 sec, which meant it saturated the camera all the time. Any weird brightness variations over the moon are from the clouds.

These were image processed in Quantum Image and LviewPro. Unsharp masking was used extensively.

All other images


The Andromeda Galaxy

The Orion Nebula, processed to show the trapezium
Orion again, processed for faint details.

Horsehead Nebula
The Horsehead nebula

A comparison of one single 3 minute exposure with a composite of three 3 minute exposures.

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