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The Solar System

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Note: 500K image

Photo of the moon by Dean W. Armstrong. Technical Pan film developed in Technidol, photographed using six-inch refractor at prime focus with an orange filter. Printed on Grade 4 paper; burned and dodged. A smaller version is also available

Sunspot photographed by Dean W. Armstrong. Exposure 1/1000s on Ektar 25. No filter. Effective focal length was 100m using extended eyepiece projection on six-inch refractor. Both photos image processed. First photo is green channel only. A wider angle shot shows the limb in relation to the group.

Moon Mosaic
Photos shot through 10-inch Cassegrain at Yerkes on Gold 200. Exposure time 1/90s. Composited in Photoshop. By Matthew Vincenz.

Dean W. Armstrong took these two pictures through our 10" Newtonian reflector when Mars was near opposition in February 1995.

Jupiter photographed by Dean W. Armstrong through our 10-inch f/6 Newtonian: eyepiece projection, 9.7mm eyepiece on Scotch color 400 film, exposure time 2 seconds. Image processed by John C. Crocker. Summer 1995.

More Jupiter images. These were photographed I believe on Royal Gold 400, same setup as previous image. Photos and image processing by Dean W. Armstrong.

A quick shot of Saturn taken with Ektar 1000 using eyepiece projection on the six-inch telescope, Summer 1993. D. Armstrong.

This was taken in August 1997 with the 10-inch Newtonian, using a 9.7mm plossol and 2x barlow on Gold Max 800. D. Armstrong

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