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Northern Lyra CCD image taken with a Nikkor 55mm lens on a ST-7.

The constellation Cygnus, five minutes on Fujicolor 1600 with 55mm f/2.8 lens piggybacked. D. Armstrong

The globular cluster M13 through the 10-inch f/6 reflector. These were the first shots I've ever guided. Royal Gold 1000. D. Armstrong

Old photo of the moon from our Archive. Photographer unknown.

Another photo from the archive, taken through the old Schmidt camera.

A nighttime photograph by moonlight in Nevada. Note the star trails in the sky. The green spot on the lower right mountains is the termination of a green laser beam from the Las Vegas Strip. Photo by Dean W. Armstrong.

Sunset from my dorm room in 1994. 200mm telephoto.

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