First Light

This image was a 2 second exposure taken with a 10" f/6 Newtonian. The star is Albeireo, Beta Cygni, a optical double. With a two second exposure the electrons trapped in a pixel spill out along rows creating the long vertical spike. The 4 diagonal spikes are from the secondary mirror supports. This image was taken on December 27th at 6:40PM.

Beta Cygni was the first photo taken through the Schmidt camera built 1938/39 by Thorton Page. The image was taken on October 11th, 1939 at 8:30PM. The Newtonian is the current telescope occupying the tube used. Image by D. Armstrong

This image was the first actually semi-focused image taken with the camera. It is of a ceiling beam in the RAS office. The lens used was a 25mm eyepiece. A blue filter was also used. Image by D. Armstrong

I mated a 28mm camera lens on the CCD head and took a few portraits. The lens was stopped down to f/8 and a yellow filter was used. Image by D. Armstrong

This is another stellar shot in Cygnus. Image by D. Armstrong

Uncooled, blue filter, plastic protective coating on CCD chip, eyepiece as lens === Yuch!. Image by D. Armstrong

8 second exposure, uncooled like all the others. Image by D. Armstrong

M31: A first shot of a galaxy. Image by D. Armstrong

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