Comet Hyakutake Photos
Taken by RAS members

The thumbnails below are links to larger images.

This image is a prime focus shot through a 6-inch f/15 refractor. Film, exposure and date unknown.

These two photographs were taken on Royal Gold 1000, 15 second exposure at f/1.7 with a 50mm lens. The first exposure was taken at a brighter site, the second at a darker area. The photos were taken about three hours apart by Dean W. Armstrong on March 23, 1996 (approximately 0630-0930 UT).

Image 1
Photo #1

Image 2
Photo #2

Below are two 8-bit CCD images from Damien Bruni. The first is an attempt to produce a pleasing image; the second has been processed to maximize the tail.

Image 3

age 4

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