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Dean W. Armstrong, 1993/94 and 1994/95 President of the RAS, with two RAS telescopes. The 6" refractor is shown with a spectroscope attached. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins.

Chris Conselice and John Crocker, doing what RAS members do best: looking up. John is 1995/96 RAS President. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins.

Closeup view of the two RAS telescopes. The 6" refractor is on the bottom; the larger one at top is a 10" reflector. The finder scope, mounted on the refractor, is also shown. Photo by Peggy L. Wilkins

This photo, taken sometime before 1992, shows the state of deterioration the dome was in prior to the restoration.

More before the interior was painted black.

The observatory on a colder day. D. Armstrong

The dome after a good snowfall.

John Crocker opens up the new 10-inch mirror.

Wrapped up and waiting excitedly.

The 10-inch f/6 mirror uncovered. This Nova mirror was eventually returned after a defect was found and replaced with a Galaxy mirror.

Member Augustine Urbas painting the exterior dome steps.

John Crocker begins to raise the door threshold. This was in advance of the floor raising project.

Adding support beams.

The new threshold, sans paint.

One summer day to our chagrin we found an electrical outlet on the dome to be the new home for a colony of yellow jackets. They didn't like our hammering and construction very much. Peggy Wilkins actually touched the nest at night without knowing what it was! (But they didn't attack or anything). Liberal amounts of a insecticide were applied from a safe distance.

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