Questions I had while using Ubuntu
How to make image shortcuts for your .ps (shell script) files (that can be included in your unity launcher) ?
How can I count the number of lines of all my .cpp (or whatever extension you prefer) files inside a single folder ?
How can I mount partitions in Ubuntu ?
How can I install Oracle Java in Ubuntu (pdf file)?
Ubuntu graphic interface (Unity) is completely frozen. How do I proceed, especially if I have unsaved work
How can I setup a second OS using Oracle Virtual box (free Oracle program to create Virtual Machines) program (pdf file)?
How can I mount USB drivers in Oracle Virtual Box?
How can I install Microsoft Office 2010 in Ubuntu 12.04?
What are the ports used by SAMBA?
What are the GUI available to configure SAMBA (pdf file)?
What are the GUI available to configure CVS version control?
What are the analogous of Acrobat PDF Professional in Ubuntu?
What are the tools to manage processes using the terminal (pdf file)?
Is there a good wifi signal analyzer in Ubuntu (for free)?
Is there a Time Machine analogous to recover Ubuntu?
How can you check if your hard drives contains bad blocks ?
How can you turn off ubuntu GUI (if you are running long calculations, you would like to allocate 100% of the CPU to your program. Compiz can steal a lot of cpu performance! )?
How to setup tabs in Vim ?