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6/5  V. Miranda, W. Hu, P. Adshead Steps to Reconcile Inflationary Tensor and Scalar Spectra astro-ph/1403.5231
5/4  V. Miranda, W. Hu Inflationary Steps in the Planck Data astro-ph/1312.0946
4/3  P. Adshead, W. Hu, V. Miranda Bispectrum in Single Field Inflatio Beyond Slow-Roll Phys. Rev. D 88 023507 (2013).
3/2  V. Miranda, W. Hu, P. Adshead Warp Features in DBI Inflation Phys. Rev. D 86 063529 (2012)
2/--  V. Miranda f(R) Gravity - Master Thesis
1/1   V. Miranda, I. Waga, S. Joras M. Quartin Viable Singularity-Free f(R) Gravity without a Cosmological Constant PRL 102 221101 (2009)