1. Although I spend most of my time doing research, I do occasionally get a chance to teach. Listed below are courses I have taught.

  1. One-day course titled “Astrophysics 101” in April 2015, at the Graham School of Continuing Education, University of Chicago.

  2. School of the Art Institute of Chicago, titled “Searching for Life in the Universe”, Fall 2007.

  3. Part of an introductory Astronomy class at DePaul University, Chicago, Fall 2008.

  4. U Chicago, Feb 2009. 4-lecture mini-course to graduate students on “The Interaction of Massive Stars with the Interstellar Medium”.

  5. I have also delivered lectures for Al Harper and Andrey Kravtsov classes at U Chicago.

  1. I enjoy giving lectures to the general public and to undergraduate students. I have given several public-level talks, including at the Chicago Astronomical Society (twice), the Ryerson Astronomical Society, Marquette University in Wisconsin (Simulcast to Creighton University), and Joliet Junior College, IL (twice).

  2. Approximately once a month from Aug 2008 to Feb 2011 I delivered a talk at the Adler Planetarium, as part of the Astro Conversations Series. This is held at the Science Visualization Lab at Adler, with its tiled wall and Geo-wall, which affords visitors a unique 3D experience.

  3. As part of a  NASA Education/Public Outreach grant, I taught a group of Chicago high school teachers about X-ray Astronomy. It was meant to be a 1.5 hour talk, but there were so many questions and so much interest that we went on for nearly 4 hours. It was great fun though, and allowed me to learn a lot myself regarding the history and development of X-ray Astronomy.


Athena Frost - University of Chicago. REU (2008). Worked with me the summer after her second year, computing mass-loss rates from Type IIn SNe.

Presented her work at:

1.  19th Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates, 2008

  1. 2.  MidStates Consortium for Math and Sciences - 2008 Undergraduate Research Symposia in Physical Sciences


Joyce Laine - NYU (2009). REU Student. Entering 3rd year. Worked on Computing X-ray emission from hydrodynamical simulations of SNe.

Anibal Medina - University of Chicago Graduate Student. Co-supervised Graduate Project with advisor Prof Jim Truran. Presented at AAS:

On the Formation of Globular Clusters

I have had the pleasure to be advisor or co-advisor, formally or informally, to several students.


Vivienne Wheaton - University of Sydney:

Involved in co-supervision of Master’s thesis titled: Hydrodynamical models and an investigation into radio emission from SN 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud



At University of Chicago, I have had at least one undergraduate student working with me every year for the last 10 years. I think its important to encourage undergraduate students to join and learn Astronomy.

Julieta Gruszko - University of Rochester (2010). REU Student. Entering 3rd year. Worked on X-ray lightcurves of SNe. Paper published in MNRAS.

PhD: University of Washington, Seattle.

Thorold Tronrud (2013 Mar-Oct) - U Chicago, Class of 2016. X-ray emission from young SNe.

Emma Karin Reishus (2013 Mar-Oct) - U Chicago, Class of 2016. X-ray emission from young SNe.

Web Page

Arindrima Datta - U Chicago 1st year student, Class of 2014. Worked briefly on radio lightcurves of SNe.

Rebecca Nussbaum - Carnegie Mellon Computer Science (2007). First year. Wrote a VPython program to display  position and characteristics of astronomical objects on a 3D plot.

Graduate Studies: UTMB Galveston

Saffia Hossainzadeh - University of Chicago, (2007). Worked with me towards the end of her First Year, learning about Planetary Nebulae

PhD: Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of  California, Santa Cruz

Danika Holmes (UChicago, Class of 2016). Working on X-ray SNe

Past Students

Ratuja Reddy (UChicago, Class of 2017). Working on X-ray SNe.

Mathias Ross (UChicago, Class of 2016). Working on X-ray SNe.

Chris Bochenek (UChicago, Class of 2016). Thesis on X-rays from Ia SNe.

PhD: Caltech

Current Students

Mario Allegre (Class of 2017) SN Hydrodynamic Simulations

Peter Boyajian (Class of 2018) 26Al in solar system

Ashley Li (Class of 2018) X-ray Supernovae

Lindsay Berkhout (Class of 2019) X-ray Supernovae