1. Although I spend most of my time doing research, I like teaching also. I taught a course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, titled “Searching for Life in the Universe”, in Fall 2007.

  1. I briefly taught part of an introductory Astronomy class at DePaul University, Chicago, Fall 2008.

  1. At U Chicago, in Feb 2009  I taught a 4-lecture mini-course to graduate students on “The Interaction of Massive Stars with the Interstellar Medium”.

  1. I have also delivered lectures for Al Harper and Andrey Kravtsov classes at U Chicago.

  1. I enjoy giving lectures to the general public and to undergraduate students. I have given several public-level talks, including at the Chicago Astronomical Society (twice), the Ryerson Astronomical Society, Marquette University in Wisconsin (Simulcast to Creighton University), and Joliet Junior College, IL (twice).

  1. Approximately once a month from Aug 2008 to Feb 2011 I delivered a talk at the Adler Planetarium, as part of the Astro Conversations Series. This is held at the Science Visualization Lab at Adler, with its tiled wall and Geo-wall, which affords visitors a unique 3D experience. The talks discuss various aspects of Astronomy, and change all the time depending on the level and interest of visitors.

  1. As part of a  NASA Education/Public Outreach grant, I taught a group of Chicago high school teachers about X-ray Astronomy. It was meant to be a 1.5 hour talk, but there were so many questions and so much interest that we went on for nearly 4 hours. It was great fun though, and allowed me to learn a lot myself regarding the history and development of X-ray Astronomy.


Athena Frost - University of Chicago. REU (2008). Worked with me the summer after her second year, computing mass-loss rates from Type IIn SNe.

Presented her work at:

1.  19th Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates, 2008

2.   MidStates Consortium for Math and Sciences - 2008 Undergraduate Research Symposia in Physical Sciences

Joyce Laine - NYU (2009). REU Student. Entering 3rd year. Worked on Computing X-ray emission from hydrodynamical simulations of SNe.

Anibal Medina - University of Chicago Graduate Student. Co-supervised Graduate Project with advisor Prof Jim Truran. Presented at AAS:

On the Formation of Globular Clusters

I have had the pleasure to be advisor or co-advisor, formally or informally, to several students.


Vivienne Wheaton - University of Sydney:

Involved in co-supervision of Master’s thesis titled: Hydrodynamical models and an investigation into radio emission from SN 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud



At University of Chicago, I have had at least one undergraduate student working with me every year for the last 4 years. I think its important to encourage undergraduate students to join and learn Astronomy.

Julieta Gruszko - University of Rochester (2010). REU Student. Entering 3rd year. Worked on X-ray lightcurves of SNe. Paper published in MNRAS.

Thorold Tronrud (2013 Mar-Oct) - U Chicago, Class of 2016. Working on X-ray emission from young SNe.

Emma Karin Reishus (2013 Mar-Oct) - U Chicago, Class of 2016. Working on X-ray emission from young SNe.

Arindrima Datta - U Chicago 1st year student, Class of 2014. Worked briefly on radio lightcurves of SNe.

Rebecca Nussbaum - Carnegie Mellon Computer Science (2007). First year. Wrote a VPython program to display  position and characteristics of astronomical objects on a 3D plot.

Saffia Hossainzadeh - University of Chicago, (2007). Worked with me towards the end of her First Year, learning about Planetary Nebulae

Danika Holmes (UChicago, Class of 2016). Working on X-ray SNe

Current Students

Ratuja Reddy (UChicago, Class of 2017). Working on X-ray SNe.