Roberto Gonzalez Reyes Astronomy and Astrophysics
  Research interest -- Cosmology: Large scale structures, galaxy clusters, DM-galaxy connection, environment. Computational Astrophysics: N-body parallel code developement, initial conditions, LSS and cluster/single galaxy zoom simulations, halo and structure identification analysis and statistics, galaxy/mock catalogs.  

I am a Computational astrophysicist; my current position is Research Associate at the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics in The University of Chicago.

In the standard cosmological model, dark matter traces the formation of structures in the universe in a hierarchical scheme where small halos form, and merge into larger halos where galaxies are created, and follows the formation of galaxy clusters and the large scale structures(LSS) which form a web-like pattern usually called the cosmic web.

We can simulate the formation of a large volume of the universe in huge computer clusters, and compare with observational data, such as galaxy surveys, and test the different ingredients in the physics of galaxies/clusters formation.

My work consist on all the stages involved in the production, analysis, improvement and interpretation of these cosmological simulations to explain the origin, formation and properties of DM halos, the large scale structure, and the halo-galaxy/cluster connection. I have experience in the generation of random and constrained initial conditions for different cosmologies, N-body parallel cosmological codes development and optimization, scaling and workload balancing, generation of DM- and hydro- simulations, galaxy/clusters zoom resimulations, halo identification codes, Semi-analytic models, halo assembly and merger trees, Large scale structure characterization through environment and development of new filament identification code; post-processing and statistical analysis of cosmological simulations. Observational catalogs and surveys data gathering, including generation of mock catalogs.

Structures formed in a 512³ particles cosmological Dark Matter simulation at different scales, z=0.

The University of Chicago,The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, 933 East 56th Street, office 223, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773-969-0994