Roberto Gonzalez Reyes Astronomy and Astrophysics
  Research interest -- Cosmology: Large scale structures, galaxy clusters, DM-galaxy connection, environment. Computational Astrophysics: N-body parallel code developement, initial conditions, LSS and cluster/single galaxy zoom simulations, halo and structure identification analysis and statistics, galaxy/mock catalogs.  

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Academic Background

• Bachelor in Astronomy(Astronomy Department), and Minor degree in Computing & Informatics(Engineering Department), Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (1999-2004).

• Exchange fellow at ICC, Durham, UK. Research on galaxy properties in high resolution hydro/DM simulations. Prof. Tom Theuns (2007).

• Exchange fellow at IATE, Universidad de Cordoba, Argentina. Research on the faint-end of the galaxy lumino sity function with Prof. Diego Garcia Lambas (2005).

• PhD in Astrophysics at Pontificia Universidad Catolica, "Galaxy properties within DM halos and La rge Scale Structure", Advisor: Nelson Padilla (2004-2009).

• Research associate at Department of astronomy, University of Chicago (2010-2013).


• "The galaxy luminosity function around groups", Gonzalez R, Padilla N, Galaz G, Infante L., 2005, MNRAS, 2005, 363, 1008
• "The faint-end of the galaxy luminosity function in groups", Gonzalez R, Lares M, Lambas D, Valotto C., 2006, A&A, 445, 51
• "Galaxy star formation in different environments", Gonzalez R, and Padilla N., 2009, MNRAS, 397, 1498
• "Automated detection of filaments in the large-scale structure of the Universe", Gonzalez R., Padilla N., 2010, MNRAS, 407, 1449
• "Local and global environmental effects on galaxies and active galactic nuclei", Padilla N, Lambas D, Gonzalez R., 2010, MNRAS, 409, 936
• "Clustering and descendants of MUSYC galaxies at $z < 1.5$", Padilla N, Chrisltein D, Gawiser E, Gonzalez R, Guaita L, Infante L., 2010, MNRAS, 409, 184
• "Satellites in MW-like hosts: Environment dependence and close pairs", Gonzalez R, Kravtsov A., Gnedin N., 2012, ApJ submitted
• "Local Group Mass from M31 proper motion", Gonzalez R, Kravtsov A., Gnedin N., 2012, in preparation

The University of Chicago,The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, 933 East 56th Street, office 223, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: 773-969-0994