Curriculum vitae


University of Chicago, Ph.D. Astrophysics, 2011 - present

Yale University, B.S. Astronomy and Physics, 2011, with distinction

Awards and Honors

NSF Graduate Student Research Fellowship, 2013 - 2016

Illinois Space Grant Consortium Fellowship, 2012-2013

George Beckwith Prize for excellence in astronomy, Yale University, 2011


Hubble Space Telescope Near-IR Transmission Spectroscopy of the Super-Earth HD 97658b
H.A. Knutson, D. Dragomir, L. Kreidberg
, E. M.-R. Kempton, P.R. McCullough, J.J. Fortney, J.L. Bean, M. Gillon, D. Homeier, A.W. Howard. 2013, ApJ submitted,  ADSarXiv

Clouds in the Atmosphere of the Super-Earth Exoplanet GJ 1214b
L. Kreidberg
, J.L. Bean, J.M. Desert, B. Benneke, D. Deming, K.B. Stevenson, S. Seager, Z. Berta-Thompson, A. Seifahrt, D. Homeier. 2014, Nature, 505, 69-72.  ADSarXiv

Transmission Spectroscopy of the Hot Jupiter WASP-12b from 0.7 to 5 microns 
K.B Stevenson, J.L. Bean, A. Seifahrt, J.M. Desert, N. Madhusduhan, M. Bergmann, L. Kreidberg
, D. Homeier. 2013, ApJ accepted, ADSarXiv

Mass Measurements of Black Holes in X-Ray Transients: Is There a Mass Gap? 
L. Kreidberg
, C.D. Bailyn, W. Farr, V. Kalogera. 2012, ApJ, 757, 36, ADS, arXiv

The Mass Distribution of Stellar Mass Black Holes
W. Farr, N. Sravan, A. Cantrell, L. Kreidberg
, C.D. Bailyn, I. Mandel, V. Kalogera. 2011, ApJ, 741, 103, ADS, arXiv

Observing Programs

Co-I, Cycle 21, HST/WFC3, 150 orbits, hot Jupiter atmosphere characterization

PI, 2013A, Gemini/GMOS, 24 hours, transit spectroscopy of GJ 1214b

PI, 2013A, SMARTS/ANDICAM, 1.5 nights, photometric monitoring of GJ 1214b


2013            TA, Astronomy 282: Exoplanets

2012            TA, Physical Science 119: Stellar Astronomy

2011            TA, Astronomy 241: Physics of Stars and Stellar Systems

2010 - 2011  Peer Tutor, Yale Physics Department

2009 - 2011  Physics and Astronomy Tutor, Yale College Dean's Office