This is the website for Prof. Jacob Bean's group in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Chicago. The main theme of the group's research is the observational study of planets outside the Solar System ("exoplanets"). We use ground- and space-based telescopes to detect and characterize these worlds. We are also engaged in building new instruments as part of our push towards eventually identifying other Earth-like planets.


02/14/2014: Undergrad Hannah Diamond-Lowe won the best poster award at the Exoclimes III conference. See her poster here (14 MB).

01/23/2014: Our new detector system for LDSS-3 has left the lab.

After a brief stop in Pasadena, the system will be shipped on to Chile. Commissioning on the telescope is scheduled for late March.

01/13/2014: Congratulations to Kevin Stevenson for being awarded a Sagan Fellowship!

12/31/2013: A cloudy atmosphere for GJ1214b, a Nature paper by Laura Kreidberg et al.

See a video about the result here.

Link to the paper.

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