Talks and Presentations

23 September 2005, "Simulating formation of structures in the Universe".
Review talk at the KICP Short Course for Planetarium Staff "Big Bang & Beyond, 21st Century Cosmology" (University of Chicago, September 23-25, 2005)
[online slides]

8 August 2005, "Nearly Normal Galaxy Clusters".
Invited talk at the "Nearly Normal Galaxies in a LCDM Universe" conference (Santa Cruz, California, August 8-12, 2005)
[online slides]

1 March 2005, "Modelling galaxy formation in clusters".
Invited talk at the "The Future of Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies" conference (Kona, Hawaii, 26 February - 2 March, 2005)
[online slides]

5 August 2004, "Radial Distribution and Motions of Galaxies in Clusters".
Talk at the The UC Santa Cruz Galaxy Formation Workshop
[online slides]

14 April 2004, "Cosmological Mysteries: Dark Matter and Structure Formation in the Universe".
Talk at the The Adler Planetarium Short Course "Cosmological Mysteries"
[online slides]

30 January 2004, "The Tumultuous Lives of Galactic Dwarfs and The Missing Satellites Problem".
Seminar at the The NYU Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics
[online slides]

19 January 2004, "The Dark Side of Galaxy Clustering".
Talk at the Aspen Workshop "The Large-scale Distribution of Mass & Light in the Universe"
[online slides]

26 September 2003, "Universe in a Box: simulating formation of cosmic structures"
[online slides].
Lecture at the CfCP Cosmology Short Course for Planetarium Staff

8 September 2003, "The Dark Side of the Halo Occupation Distribution"
[online slides].
HEP Seminar talk at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

August 2002, "High-resolution simulations of galaxy clusters" [online slides].
Seminar at the University of California Santa Cruz

July 2002, "Cold Dark Matter Models of structure formation: remarkable success or spectacular failure?" [online slides].
An invited review given at the Santa Fe Cosmology Summer Workshop

February 2002, "Writing a PM code" [online slides] [screen pdf] [printable pdf].
A guest lecture given in Wayne Hu's cosmology class