A little bit about me...

I was born and raised in Minnesota, right across the Mississippi from St. Paul. I was always interested in science, and apparently when I was 5 I told my parents that I wanted to be an astrophysicist. I don't think they took me seriously at the time, but now they are finally starting to believe it! Though I strayed to other sciences growing up, I eventually got a B.S in both Astrophysics and Mathematics at University of Minnesota .

At Chicago, I've spent a lot of my time studying protoplanetary disk outflows, particularly outflows that are magnetically driven. I also study (and am constantly fascinated by) exoplanets, mainly how they evolve, form, and migrate in disks. Occasionally I even like to focus on the idea of moons around exoplanets (or exomoons).

Research is just one component of my life as an astronomer though, I am also firmly committed to teaching and outreach. I've been luckly enough at U. Chicago to have amazing opportunities to work with both inner city Chicago high school students and teachers, and also be able to spend a lot of time volunteering at the Adler Planetarium. No matter where life as an astronomer takes me, I'm positive it will always involve some aspect of education.

Please click on the links above for more information about both my research and teaching interests.

When not studying, teaching, or waxing poetically about astronomy, I'm likely to be found playing music around Chicago, painting, spending quality time with my pets, or simply enjoying all the festivals, theatre, and vegan eats Chicago has to offer.

enjoying MN sample 2

Some of my favorite pastimes: Enjoying the outdoors (though it is a challenge in Chicago), and playing music.