York Group Tuesday noon group meeting and Seminars


Spring and Summer 2005 Talks:

  • Tues June 14: Pushpa Khare, Utkal University, on "QSO absorption line systems"
  • Tues June 21: John Slavin, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, "Shock Processing of Large Dust Grains in the Interstellar Medium: Decoupling, Acceleration and Escape"
  • Wed June 22: Varsha Kulkarni, U. of South Carolina, "Where are the Galaxies Producing Quasar Absorption Lines"

    Spring 2004 Talks:

  • Feb 3: Dietrich Muller is talking at EFI lunch
  • Feb. 10: meeting in AAC123
  • Feb. 17: Dept. Futures meeting, on future telescopes for dept. AAC123, Josh Frieman in charge.
  • Feb. 24: Jim Truran, who will either talk about some current research on abundances or lead a discussion on the origin of interstellar grains
  • Mar 2: Don York away
  • Mar 9: Discussion of Don Clayton idea of extragalactic grains in the solar system.
  • Mar 30: Vikram - discussion of Carina nebula and Eta Car
  • April 20: Further discussion of the Don Clayton idea about extragalactic grains.
  • April 27: Second half of Jim Truran's discussion of evolution of the elements (starting on veiwgraph 3 :-)
  • May 11: Vikram's continuing discussion of eta Carina and environs.

    Winter 2004 Talks:

  • January 27, 2004: Yoav Kashiv, "Trace Element Abundances in Stardust SiC Presolar Grains" [powerpoint presentation], [PDF presentation]

    Autumn 2003 Talks:

  • Dan Welty, "High-Resolution Optical Observations of Interstellar Absorption Lines" [powerpoint presentation; given at IAU XXVth GA, JD20 (Sydney, 2003 July)]

    Past talks (dates unknown)

  • P. Frisch: "Interstellar and Interplanetary Material " [also presented at STScI May 2002 Astrobiology Workshop; powerpoint presentation] [PDF Presentation]

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