York Group Contributions to the
"Astronomy Picture of the Day"

Here is a visualization of the Satellite Swarm around the Earth.

This visualization of the Heliosphere uses Dr. Timur Linde's MHD 3D model, which includes the interstellar magnetic field tipped by ~60 degrees with respect to the ecliptic plane. (For more on the York Group NASA-funded project which produced the Heliosphere and Satellite Swarm visualizations, see the Soljourn URL.)

This visualization of the Local Bubble shows the molecular clouds which delimit the Local Bubble walls in the galactic center hemisphere. (Or, alternatively see this page.)

Here is a visualization of the Local Fluff, (or see URL) based on the assumption that the LSR velocity vector of the interstellar cloud surrounding the solar sytem is parallel to the surface normal (Frisch, 1994, Science, v265,p1423, "Morphology and Ionization of the Interstellar Cloud Surrounding the Solar System").

A view of the Local Bubble from directly above the galactic plane. The wall positions of the Local Bubble are based on the reddening of starlight, and taken from Lucke (1978, Astronomy and Astrophysics, v74, p367).

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