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Links to information about Yerkes plates

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  • Summary of the Yerkes log books, the various plate series and where the series are located in the Yerkes plate archive. Download Summary (Excel)
  • Characteristics of telescopes and lenses used to obtain plates in the Yerkes Archive can be seen
  • Catalogs of the plates in various plate series
    • Wide-field plates 1897-1934 (most by Barnard)
    • Wide-field plates of comets and comet fields 1897-1934 (by Barnard)
    • Copies of plates taken by Barnard while at Lick Observatory 1889-1895
    • Wide-field patrol camera plates 1916-1932
    • Wide-field plates 1824-1949 (by Ross and others)
    • Small-field plates taken with the Yerkes 41-inch reflector 1969-1998
    • Cook 10-inch wide-field camera
    • University of Illinois Ross-Fecker wide-field camera
    • Dearborn Observatory 10-inch wide-field camera
    • Plates taken with 40-inch refractor (incomplete)
    • Plates from Mt. Wilson 60-inch
    • 6-inch camera 1904 - 1907
    • Double-star plates
    • McDonald Cassegrain plates 1939 - 1972
    • UV camera 1937 - 1942
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