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Parent Directory - 01Planning and sketching.JPG 16-Feb-2008 14:16 1.3M 02The site-original condition.JPG 03-Feb-2007 13:01 1.3M 03The rose bush has to go.JPG 03-Feb-2007 13:02 1.3M 04Rose bush gone.JPG 03-Feb-2007 14:34 1.4M 05Winter rains bring much water.JPG 04-Jan-2008 13:40 1.2M 06Holes for the foundation piers.JPG 19-Mar-2008 15:07 1.3M 07Dome arrives.JPG 20-Mar-2008 06:58 1.2M 08John walks it in.JPG 20-Mar-2008 07:02 1.2M 09Welcome to My Dome.JPG 23-Mar-2008 16:46 1.0M 10Gravel needed for the wet clay.JPG 25-Mar-2008 13:15 1.3M 11Gravel into the holes.JPG 06-Apr-2008 10:51 1.2M 12Ready for the sonotube.JPG 29-Mar-2008 11:12 1.4M 13Sonotube with Ready Form.JPG 29-Mar-2008 13:42 1.3M 14It's gotta be level.JPG 06-Apr-2008 10:52 1.1M 15My lovely helper.JPG 06-Apr-2008 10:52 1.2M 16Backfilling.JPG 06-Apr-2008 10:53 1.3M 17Rebarred and ready.JPG 05-Apr-2008 10:52 1.3M 18Hand-mix the concrete.JPG 05-Apr-2008 13:16 1.3M 19Neighbor Mark helping me.JPG 05-Apr-2008 12:12 1.3M 20Finishing off pier #1.JPG 05-Apr-2008 12:37 1.2M 21Adding the joist bracket.JPG 06-Apr-2008 10:53 1.1M 22Are the piers level.JPG 10-Apr-2008 20:44 1.1M 23YES!.JPG 07-Apr-2008 10:29 1.2M 24Starting the BIG hole.JPG 16-Apr-2008 15:52 1.2M 25Digging deeper.JPG 22-Apr-2008 10:22 1.3M 26Wider with gravel.JPG 03-May-2008 16:16 1.2M 27Rebar added.JPG 05-May-2008 11:11 1.4M 28Sonotube attachment.JPG 09-May-2008 08:02 1.3M 29Template for J bolts.JPG 09-May-2008 09:36 1.3M 30Ready to go for concrete.JPG 09-May-2008 09:35 1.2M 31Boss and Crew.JPG 10-May-2008 08:56 1.4M 32Let it pour.JPG 10-May-2008 09:14 1.3M 33Dave brings a load.JPG 10-May-2008 09:20 1.4M 34Looks pretty messy.JPG 10-May-2008 09:21 1.3M 35Rich and Todd smooth it out.JPG 10-May-2008 10:37 1.1M 36The final step.JPG 10-May-2008 10:38 1.2M 37How's that for level!.JPG 10-May-2008 10:46 1.1M 38The final result.JPG 18-May-2008 08:41 1.3M 39The framing support begins.JPG 18-May-2008 12:04 1.3M 40Floor joists are on.JPG 19-May-2008 13:02 1.4M 41And now the flooring.JPG 18-Jun-2008 11:24 1.1M 42Looking into the future.JPG 19-Jun-2008 11:15 1.2M Thumbs.db 22-Jun-2008 12:25 531K richlohmanobs.doc 22-Jun-2008 12:36 53M
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