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HOU WISE Proposal Goals


"There are two audiences in the Student Asteroid Research program element: Teachers (the TRAs themselves and the teachers they engage through their professional development workshops), and Students. Teachers will gain a deep knowledge of WISE science, especially Solar System science and enhanced research skills. Also, we intend for them to develop a desire to continue using data in the classroom, doing research, and being involved with NASA missions. Additionally, we intend for teachers to use WISE E/PO products in their educational practice, and disseminate WISE information to their peers. Teachers performing research will also publish results to professional organizations. Students will gain knowledge of WISE science, specifically asteroids and infrared detectors, and the process of science along with research and technology skills, including data analysis. We intend for students to develop an interest in science research and to publish results with their teachers in professional journal articles and at professional meetings. Students will also enter science fairs and competitions using WISE data."