ARCS Agenda February 22-23-24, 2008

 Friday Evening at the Observatory Feb. 22, 2008 (optional) 

It's chilly at the Observatory... And we have chili for you to eat!   

A - Friday  Evening YerkesOur ARCS Technologies and Using Telescopes

Imaging with Yerkes 24 inch Telescope on Friday Night
Saturn and its Moons: left to right, Dione, Tethys, Titan, Rhea

Here is the picture of Saturn we took through the clouds! Though the skies were not clear, the 'seeing' was steady.

There are two views, one that shows the rings clearly and the other which is 'log scaled' to show the moons. They are from left to right: Dione, Tethys, Titan, and Rhea. Link to this fts image of Saturn (saturn080223-044237i1sy24.fts). Link to other Saturn pictures taken the same night (time is Universal Time).

Link to Margie's guesses about the Moons and screen capture from Stellarium.

To find the apparent view of Saturn on CalSky, go to Planets, Saturn, apparent view and put in the date and time of the image to see the apparent arrangement of the moons. Link to picture showing CalSky rendition of moons, and configuration for Yerkes and date of observation.

out of focus and in focus star

Before we could take the above image of Saturn, we had to focus on a star!

Observers were Marcella, Peggy, Rich D., Margie, Chris, Kevin, Ed S., and Viv.

At first the CCD camera had to be positioned correctly. The camera was attached where the eyepiece normally would be. The focuser knob was turned so that the CCD camera was all the way up. Then the little buttons to adjust the position of the secondary were pushed one or the other until a good focus was achieved.

Here is a link to the fts images in and out of focus.

After we focused the CCD camera to the focus position of the telescope, we took the images of Saturn.


B - Friday  Evening Yerkes - Projects with Kaoru KIMURA, Science Museum Tokyo 

Bring your calendar and your ideas so you can plan ahead with Kaoru.    How To Sessions could include:   

C - Friday Evening Yerkes:  Individual Discussions with Chris Kolar, our evaluator.   

D - Friday  Night  11:00 pm - Midnight:  Live Observation from Yerkes for the Science Museum Tokyo  Clear or cloudy. 

Saturday Morning at Aurora GWC Feb. 23, 2008

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Technology (Saturday AM and after lunch)

E - Saturday  Morning GWC-Maple A and/or Maple C   9:00 -  10:30 am  

Build Your Own Technology (BYOT) with Kevin McCarron.  We will be making an ARCS Variable Black Body Radiator (VBBR).  Sharon, Viv, Karou, and Ed have already made theirs!

VBBR device and demonstrations.  (Rich Kron 's Team: Rich DeCoster, Kevin McCarron, Ed Sadler, Kate Meredith from afar) 

F - Saturday  Morning GWC Maple A   10:30-11:00  am    

Future Opportunities -- (see full descriptions at end of the agenda)

    1. ARCS Dissemination Sessions Application  for teachers involved in ARCS 2007-08
    2. Summer Technology Seminars  - Illinois Math Science Partnership Seminars statewide 
    3. ARCS Capstone 2008-09 - Margie Corp and Vivian Hoette
    4. YAAYS Summer Academy Instruction - Sherry Shelley and Elizabeth Ramseyer
    5. Earth & Space Science George Willisams Masters Programs  funded by Illinois Math Science Partnerships - Ken Gardner  or Kyle Cudworth 
G  - Saturday  Morning GWC Maple A 11:00 am - Noon            

Temperature of Stars by Professor Rich Kron 

Rich will show us how to find temperature and other star data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey SEGUE (Sloan Extension for Galactic Understanding and Exploration).

Saturday Afternoon 

H  -  Saturday  Afternoon Yerkes South Lawn   1: 00  pm -  1:30 Solar Radio Astronomy Intro

Walter Glogowski and Sherry Shelley,and our new Solar Radio Astronomy Dish as a sun and satellite detector in the daytime sky.  This instrument is compliments of Sue Ann Heatherly, Greenbank Radio Astronomy Observatory . Directions for making one are at

I  -  Saturday  Afternoon Yerkes Library  1:30 - 3:00 pm

Acting on the Truth - Jim Sweitzer Link to Description of Talk

Cindy McGuckin , faciliator

Acting on the Truth - Link to handout. Link to draft of Climate Standards.

Special Invited Speaker: Jim Sweitzer. Jim has a consulting company, Science Communications Consultants, and teaches courses at Columbia College and University of Chicago. Jim has studied Global Warming issues with Al Gore, and continued researching these topics to bring you the most up to date thinking and perspectives.

Note:  Sessions G and H will be half the group and switch between South Building and Library in the following two activities.

J - Saturday Afternoon Yerkes 3:00 - 4:00  pm Yerkes Observatory South Building

Catching the Waves

Extend our understanding of astronomy beyond the visible to the radio.  Sherry really wanted to have more daytime astronomy, so she is sliding down the EM spectrum past the red, past the infrared, and into the radio!    Sherry Shelly and guest teacher Walter Glogowski will lead these sessions.  We are going to do the activity: Be an Interference Detector, so if you have a portable AM/FM radio bring it along.  Walter and Gail will show us the Radio JOVE setup, how to use it for solar and jovian observing, and how to get data and sonified data from the Radio Jove webpages.   

K - Saturday Afternoon Yerkes Library 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Science Education and Research and Planning for the Future 

 :)   Small Group Networking and Thinking

Make sure that Chris Kolar and Vivian Hoette have what we need to complete the reports to the State of Illinois and to the Department of Education.  So, if you have any evaluation tools that you used with your students (MOSART items and data or results), items you selected from the "Uncovering Student Ideas in Science" books, etc. we would like to make a collection of useful items and stories about using the items.  Small Group Networking and Thinking Together.


Saturday Evening at the Observatory Feb. 22, 2008

A cont. - Saturday   Evening YerkesOur ARCS Technologies and Using Telescopes

Observing with yours or Yerkes Telescopes.

Observing Equipment Questions and Answers 

B cont. - Saturday Evening Yerkes - Projects with Kaoru KIMURA, Science Museum Tokyo 

Bring your calendar and your ideas so you can plan ahead with Kaoru.    How To Sessions could include:   

C cont. - Saturday Evening Yerkes -  Individual Discussions with Chris Kolar, our evaluator  

Sunday Morning  Feb. 23, 2008 George Williams

L - Sunday Morning George Williams    9 - 10:30 am  Share-A-Thon 

Show off how ARCS impacted our learning and/or the learning of our students.  (a.k.a. Action Research)  Share-A-Thon style.  It would be great if you could give out a  cover page and one page +/- handout, and  email us an electronic copy.   If you can provide pre/post data we will be thrilled.  If you can give us quotes or stories from students, teachers, parents, administrators, or links to articles in the paper, event announcements or other documentation, that is also helpful. You can do this in teams if you like. (Lynne Zielinski will organize us and keep us on track.)   Lynne asks that you send her the title of your presentation and a short description.  Also please make a cover sheet that includes the project name, your school and your name,  contact information, and web page links.  Please make enough handouts for 34 people.   

M - Sunday Morning George Williams   10:30 am - 11:30 am   (Chris Kolar)  

Take MOSART for the final time, review 'the answers'.    

N - Sunday Morning George Williams 11:30 am - Noon

Small Group reports  and Wrap-Ups  


 Important Notes to go with

  1. ARCS Dissemination Sessions  - ARCS Leadership Team   
  2. Summer Technology Seminars  - Illinois Math Science Partnership Seminars statewide 
  3. ARCS Capstone 2008-09 - Margie Corp and Vivian Hoette
  4. YAAYS Summer Academy Instruction - Sherry Shelley and Elizabeth Ramseyer
  5. IMSP Masters Programs  - Kyle Cudworth

1.  ARCS Local Dissemination Sessions: You or a team of you can apply to offer a local dissemination session for teachers and/or teachers and students.  There is budget for six such sessions.  $900 for purchased services such as travel, room rental, food, and $900 to buy stuff to give out or use with participants.   Speak now if you would like to dip into this pot for a budget to teach others...

2. IMSP Technology Seminars (There will be a statewide registration site.)   Email me if you want to help organize or facilitate. 

Illinois Math Science Technology Seminars for summer 2008. These will be special seminars that will be held in four locations around the state.  You will be able to go to any of the locations you choose.  The dates will be different for different places. Yerkes will host one of the seminars on August 11-12th (including the Perseids).   We will be hiring some of you to help facilitate these events.   Everyone is invited to attend and/or present.  The idea is to share technologies across and among IMSP projects statewide.  There will be a stipend that will more than cover travel and lodging.  CPDUs.  Stay tuned.

3. Capstone ARCS 2008-09 Summer Institute and School Year Follow-Ups  (We should have a thinking session for those who want to influence how to make the most of our summer institute. Then we should have decisions about teams.)

Most of your responded about your availability next summer for the ARCS Capstone 2008-09 Program.  (write me quick if you haven't already)  Capstone ARCS 08-09 is open to any ARCS teacher who participated in any of the previous summers.   (I wrote before that if you are retiring... lucky ducks.. you couldn't participate, but you might be able to come as a leader/facilitator.)   We will get an official announcement out soon. There will be time for those planning on returning to create project teams which will include mentor scientists for the summer time work of the instititue.

ARCS official summer institute: June 9-13, June 16-20.  A few of you have conflicts which we can resolve on an individual basis; everyone is important.

4. YAAYS Summer Academy -- Be an Instructor

Invitation to teach in the Yerkes Astrophysics Academy for Young Scientists (YAAYS) Summer Academy.  The academy weeks are June 16-20 and July 28-Aug 1.   Many of you taught for us last year.  Thank you.  Please consider teaching in the YAAYS program. We will have an application of sorts for you to complete. 

And.... yes the first week of YAAYS is the same as the second week of ARCS.   Gwen Pollock and I discussed this and she approves.  The week of June 16-20 ARCS program will officially be in the morning and evening.  YAAYS will be in the afternoon.   If you teach in the program, you will be paid extra by YAAYS.   Others of you might want to observe what is going on... because the lessons will be coordinated with themes in ARCS as well.   So, this option will be a bit like a lab school.  Does what we say work really work with real live kids and teachers? 

5. New IMSP programs: Masters Degrees in Math and Science and George Williams Earth and Space Masters

Kyle Cudworth will tell us what is up with the program being developed with George Williams College Aurora University (with Yerkes as a partner) for a Masters in Earth Sciences.   And, with other programs around the state that you might want to participate in.   Most of these do not start until the school year 2008-09 or the summer of 2009.