AACS_Logo Astronomy Resources Connecting Schools (ARCS) is an Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnership (IMSP), funded by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). This is a three year professional development program for Illinois teachers in Will County Schools, and other school districts in Illinois.

The content themes of the three cycles are: 2005-6 Planets and Moons, 2006-7 Sun, Stars, and Stellar Cycles, 2007-8 Milky Way, Galaxies and the Cosmos.

Each cycle has a two week summer institute, and two follow-up weekends during the school year. Teachers may elect to participate for all three years or a single year. District partnership agreement is required. The institute and follow up weekends are held at Yerkes Observatory, with class meetings and lodging at George Williams College Aurora University. Evening sessions include observing with the Yerkes telescopes and with teachers' telescopes, group discussions, and project work. See Univ. of Chicago Press Release. See ISBE Press Release Capital Showcase.

ARCS Resources:

University of Chicago faculty include: Professors Kyle M. Cudworth, Richard Kron, D. A. Harper. Astronomy educators include: Ken Gardner, Kevin McCarron, Sharon Carr, Kate Meredith, and Vivian L. Hoette. Action Research Professor Faith Wilson (Aurora Univ.)