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Build a Telescope


Build A Solar Cooker


Trace the Invisible



Light Speed


Solar Radiation and Geneva Lake



Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars


Electronics and Windmills


Display and Analyze Images


Design and Build

Water Rockets


Observe with Telescopes


Activity Summaries, Journal Prompts, and National Standards


Building Telescopes

Build Your Own Telescopes

Solar Cooker

Build a Solar Cooker

Tracing Invisible Light

Trace Rays of Invisible Light

Light Speed

Measure Light Speed

Lake Study

Investigate Solar Radiation and Lake Geneva




Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

Build Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars


Electronics and Windmills Part 1

Electronics and Windmills Part 2

Display and Analyze Images

Display and Analyze Images (To analyze crater image above, right click to save as Craters.fts) Open with image procesing software.)

Water Rocket

Water Rockets


YAAYS Summer Academy 2008


What is this light that comes from the Sun and other Stars?

How fast does it get to Earth?

How does sunlight energize Earth?

Does Solar Energy interact with Earth's Atmosphere and Waters?


Is there an energy crisis or an ingenuity crisis?

Let's engineer and invent!


How does Earth

Collect and Transform Energy from our Star the Sun?

How do we Measure Energy

Put Energy to Work?


What is a temperature? How does it relate to energy?


Prof. Kyle Cudworth, Prof. Al Harper, Prof. Rich Kron

Max Mutchler, Ted Peters, John Briggs



Kevin McCarron, Peggy Piper, Ed Sadler, Margie Corp, Kathy Schmidt, Geoff Holt

Walter Glogowski, Sue Raslowsky, Dr. Rich DeCoster, Laura DiMartino, Dewey Caton

Elizabeth Ramseyer, Sherry Shelley, Vivian Hoette



Meghan Joost, Chelsea Reilley, John Chisholm


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