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Image Processing

Astronomical images are usually archived in an image format called FITS or fts or fit. This stands for Flexible Image Transport System. This type of file is widely used in astronomy and is endorsed by NASA and the International Astronomical Union. There are many advantages to this file format including standard keywords in an image header which contains information about the date, time, telescope, camera, filter, observer, location, and other details important to astronomers. In order to view these file types, one must use special software. Listed here are common software links used by educators and their students.

Various education image processing software packages are available.


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Jupiter and Shadow of a Moon Explorations Images. These images go with the Explorations Activities of Hands-On Universe. They are currently being moved to a new server.


Saturn February 8 2003 HOU Images: Images in the Hands-On Universe database. Database is being moved to a new server. Temporarily unavailable.