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SEE Project - Moon Phases


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SEE Project.  These images are set for high contrast that suits the needs of individuals who are blind and visually impaired. Print then copy the images onto swellform paper, then process through a Swellform Graphics Machine ( The result will be tactile images to sense by touch rather than through sight.  SEE Project is funded by NASA IDEAS. 

You may notice that some images appear larger or smaller than others.  The moon's orbit brings it sometimes as close as 55 Earth radii, and other times as far as 65 Earth radii. What difference does distance make in the apparent size of our Moon?  Take a look at two full moon pictures taken on different dates.

These pictures are mosaics constructed from images taken with Univ. of Chicago Yerkes Observatory Rooftop Telescope - South (Meade 8 inch, F/6.3, SBIG ST8 CCD).  Number of moon refers to day in cycle. Moon images were taken during a variety of cycles.

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