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HOU™ Explorations

Terminator... July16, 1998

These pages include eight sets of images which can be pieced together into a mosaic of the day/night edge of the Moon, the Moon's terminator. Print, cut out, and tape together images. You may wish to use a Moon atlas or map to learn the names of the craters as you study their features. Terminator Image Set 1

**Terminator Set 1** **Terminator Set 2** **Terminator Set 3** **Terminator Set 4** **Terminator Set 5** **Terminator Set 6** **Terminator Set 7** **Terminator Set 8**

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Moon Terminator .fts   images.
These images were taken by Kevin McCarron and Richard Dreiser using an ST7 CCD camera on the 24 inch Reflector Telescope at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin.