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Sky Projects

Study the Sky: Constellations, the Milky Way, Aurora Borealis

Aurora, Aries and Triangulum

Aurora, Perseus

Capricornus and Two Planets

Cygnus and Lyra in the Milky Way

Sagittarius in the Milky Way

Earth's Moon

A link to gifs of Moon images taken with the Yerkes Rooftop 8 inch telescope.

Follow the Planets and Investigate their Moons

Saturn's Rings and Moons Three images of Saturn taken over 4.5 hours. You can see motion of the moons!


Triton's Orbit

Uranus - Add four dates to see the planets.  Find the bright star in the picture.  It is the same one that Uranus was near in the Capricornus sky picture

Track Asteroids

    2002 NY40

    1997 XF11


Search for a Supernova and an Asteroid

SS Cyg Comparison Stars

    SS Cyg Comparison Stars for 10 inch telescope (yrt10) field of view

Observe, Question, Measure, Analyze, Interpret, Research, Hypothesize, Model, Predict, Plan New Observations

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