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Saturn's Rings & Moons

Saturn's  Rings

Open sat_kittpeak.fts with HOU image processing software. This image was taken at NOAO, Kitt Peak, by Adam Block.

What are your favorite settings? satkittpeak2.jpg (7949 bytes)Min ________  Max _________  Color Palette?__________
Adjust Min Max look for  Saturn's shadow on its rings.  Could you find the shadow?__________ From what direction is the Sun shining towards Saturn so you can see this shadow?

Saturn's  Moons

Open sat_pj.fts and sat_nan.fts.  Click on Log or adjust min and max so you can see Saturn's moons.  Choose a color palette.  Use Auto Aperture autoaper.jpg (1259 bytes) to find Saturn's brightest moon, Titan.  
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Four of Saturn's many moons can be seen in these images.  Use
autoaper.jpg (1259 bytes) auto aperture to find the brightness counts for each of the moons.   In order of decreasing magnitudes they are:  Titan (8.5), Rhea (9.9), Tethys (10.4), and Dione (10.6).  Make a table listing the moons, their (x,y) positions,  magnitudes, and brightness counts.  Note:   A magnitude value is a lower number when the brightness is higher.

HOU Educators: Download .fts images of Saturn.

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