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NGC 6482


NGC 6482 New Image

Yerkes Observatory 24 inch Telescope, May 15, 2002

HOU students, Sarah and Jason, of teacher, Tim Spuck, Oil City HS, Pennsylvania, requested an image of galaxy NGC6482.

NGC 6482 Reference Image

Digitized Sky Survey (Skyview Virtual Observatory)

Compare the images taken for Sarah and Jason with the Digitized Sky Survey image accessed from Skyview.

See the bright star next to the fuzzy galaxy core!  What do you think? Is this a Supernova?

What if you adjust the contrast in the new image?   Look here!

Could this be a star in our own Milky Way Galaxy that appears by the NGC 6482 galaxy core? 

In the Digital Sky Survey images, the originals were photographs.  Long exposures saturated the galaxy area, so detail is lost in this region. 

NGC 6482 is in the constellation, Hercules.  Coordinates of NGC 6482 are:
    Right Ascension:   17 hours 51 minutes 49 seconds
    Declination:          +23 degrees 4.6 minutes. 

More Jpegs of our images ...

Compare images taken during May, then in June 2 weeks later.  Do you see any change? 

Jpeg views may be misleading. Consider downloading and opening the following FTS images to do more analysis.

FTS Images of NGC 6482

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