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Radio Astronomy

These images were taken with telescopes that detect radio waves.

 radiofullmoon.jpg (7984 bytes) Full Moon. How will radio images of the moon will look at different phases.  Open radio images of the moon at five different phases.  How might you explain what you see?

  The Orion Nebula
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   Galaxy in Fornax
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Supernova Remnant, Casseiopeia A
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40-sm.jpg (8200 bytes) Radio astronomers use telescopes sensitive to radio waves, which we cannot detect with our eyes.  The waves are longer than visible light.  Explore radio images of these objects and more! The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), especially the Greenbank, West Virginia facility, is a collaborative partner with Hands-On Universe. 

These images were provided by Sue Ann Heatherly, NRAO Greenbank Facility.

  1. Activities by Sue Ann Heatherly  http://www.gb.nrao.edu/~sheather/index.html
  2. Activity by Ronald J. Maddelena   http://www.gb.nrao.edu/~rmaddale/Education/OrionTourCenter/index.html

Radio Images Directory

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