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Neptune & Triton


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The brightest object in this image is Neptune. The star-like object next to Neptune is its largest moon, Triton.

With HOU IP, open up the neptune_apo.fts image. Flip the image vertically so it matches this picture. Write down the (x,y) coordinates for Neptune and for its moon, Triton.

The above image was taken by Dave Cole of the University of Chicago using the Apache Point Observatory telescope in New Mexico. Dave operated the telescope by remote control using the Internet from Adler Planetarium in Chicago on the evening of November 21st, 1997 (Nov. 22, 1997, 01:28 UT)

Neptune and Triton: Sept. 19 and Oct. 3, 2000

These two images show Neptune and its moon Triton on two different dates. Imagine the rest of Triton's orbit.  Triton goes around Neptune in 5.877 days.  So, how many times has Triton revolved about Neptune between these two snapshots of the planet and its brightest moon?

These images were taken at Yerkes Observatory with the 24 inch telescope. 

Photo Gallery of Neptune & Triton

Fact Sheet for Neptune

Fact Sheet for Triton

HOU Educators:  Download .fts images of Neptune.

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