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Moon Phase:  Just Past Full (Waning Gibbous...)

                * (more... Waning Gibbous Moon set of images taken on February 3, 2002)

  1. Create your own just past full moon! Print, cut out, overlap and tape together the moon pieces below. 

  2. Study the features on the moon by using **HOU image processing  software.

  3. Find these craters:  Copernicus, Tycho, Grimaldi, Aristarchus.

  4. Find these  'Seas': Serenity, Tranquility, Ocean of Storms, Bay of Rainbows.

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Lunation 927 Day 15

Universal Time: Dec. 15, 1997 5:30

Local Time: Dec. 14, 1997 11:30 pm


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** HOU Educators:  Download .fts  images to go with this moon mosaic.
*Download gifs to combine  in paint programs or presentation software such as Power Point. 

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